The project group will simulate a space mission called Project Guardian. In this mission, the main targets are to reach a asteroid and change it’s orbit. To achieve this target the mission is split into multiple phases explained below:

Phase 0: Target selection

In the first stage a target (asteroid) for the mission has to be selected. In the image below you can see three qualified targets: a, b and c. For our mission we select the asteroid a.

Phase 1: Course computation

Following the selection of the target, we have to calculate the course to the target. This calculation should be done before the launch to schedule the best possible start opportunity.

Phase 2: Ascend to orbit of Kerbin

After the course calculation the mission can be launched. Using a carrier rocket the sallite will be transported into to orbit of Kerbin. Kerbin is the equivalent of the Earth in Kerbal Space Program.

Mission draft

Phase 3: Orbit transfer from Kerbin to Kerbol

All qualified asteroids have an orbit around Kerbol. Kerbol is the equivalent to the Sun in Kerbal Space Program. To reach the selected asteroid the satellite has to change it’s orbit to cross the orbit of the asteroid.

Phase 4: Change orbit to meet the orbit of the asteroid

At the moment the satellite is crossing the orbit of the asteroid the satellite orbit has to be changed to match the asteroids one.

Phase 5: Target approach

On the same orbit as the asteroid the satellite has to change the speed to approach the asteroid.

Phase 6: Payload operation

As soon as the satellite reached the target it can start the payload operation. In our case this is a landing or docking maneuver on the asteroid and a controlled burn to change the orbit of the asteroid.